DiAnne has a passion for horsemanship and is eager to share her knowledge with riders of all levels and disciplines.



DiAnne Ward is the owner and operator of Deepwood Farm. With over 30 years of quality instruction to her credit, she is passionate about horsemanship and mirrors her own instruction after the talented equestrians with whom she has trained. 

DiAnne has had the honor of riding with the likes of international clinician and author of Connected Riding, Peggy Cummings, and author of Centered Riding, Sally Swift. Both women have been influential to DiAnne’s own training and their methods are reflected in her teaching. 

DiAnne is currently a student of Judy Westlake. Judy introduced DiAnne to Karl Mikolka, Riding Master of the Spanish Riding School of Vienna for 14 years, whose practical and effective lessons are the foundation of DiAnne’s training. Judy, herself, is an incredible instructor who studied with world class Russian gold medalist Ivan Kizimov and continues to bring her premier training back to DiAnne and Deepwood Farm students.

DiAnne continues to educate herself in the art of dressage through lessons, showing, and attending clinics with her Thoroughbred Teddy Two Socks.

DiAnne has dedicated her life to horesmanship and is eager to share her passion with riders of all levels by offering trail rides, lessons, and sleigh rides